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“Agile & Lean practices must be understood as though the practitioner himself had discovered them from his own mind.

Learn about all of them, but never become fond of any.”

— Yogurt (with Musashi!) 


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accepted talk: “Fibonacci Pairing: Learning through Collaboration” 

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
― Seneca

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Today is full moon, a beautiful day for some good news…

Humbly my second book is approaching its final stages; 
that’s the dawn of Yogurt-TWO! :-)

Well, I’ve been rumbling between two book projects for long time, both interconnected with commonalities and differences. Sometimes it feels like having two different personalities in oneself, with conflicting interest at early phases but always in need for each other. 
While striving to maintain that fuzzy interconnection, I decided to focus only on one book project at a time!

That book project (code name: Yogurt-TWO) required more of analytical and practical style. Therefore, I’ve strived to write about reusable techniques, and discoveries from continuous practice, experimentations…

Given the fact that I’ve been crafting for a long enough time, action required to seek for and embrace open feedback!
Hereby I’m sharing the news, and asking for your contribution.

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We are living in an insanely entrepreneurial era, creative ideas are flourishing from all around the world. Many ideas, many failures, spinning all around with fast pace…

So far nothing is surprisingly new, societies had never suffered from scarcity of idea makers, we are creative creatures! However, the possibility of validating new ideas with real users/customers has never been so easy!

Particularly in software world; in matter of a day, you can launch a new service across the globe, validate it thru experiments, learn and adapt, and so on…

I’ve referred to this topic some time ago, while talking about why-not-me syndrome. Though, recent million-dollar acquisitions in software services made me think about it again. 

“I had exactly the same idea!”

We still hear people saying that whenever they come across a new service launched, or acquired by big players with insane amount of money. The answer to that should be simply “So what?!”


Especially in software world all ideas contains many similarities to an extent, however that has not much of a value anymore!

It is not about what you idealise,
but it is all about why & how you realise it!

As the very first step, learn to understand your audience (teams, customers, users, …). Place yourself in their position. Be truly objective in judging a new method or idea. Try it. If it plays — if it is acceptable, and the audience comprehends and enjoys it — use it.
Experiment; be bold; do it in an unorthodox fashion! 

Your genuine style & spirit is the key differentiator, the rest is just details and experiments…The best thing you can do is just be yourself and do things in your genuine way..!

Keep calm, and be inspired! 

this post is an adaptation from my upcoming book (Yogurt-TWO), stay tuned ;-)

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One of the current (and let’s say trending) debates is, with the changing standards working environment, the conflict between flexible working hours including home office and pre-defined office hours that needs to be fulfilled. Even in the last week, in France there was a legislation change which prohibits employers to push employees working beyond business hours including checking e-mails.

On the other hand, among most of the global companies it was already a trend that the employers were taking actions to follow the 0-overtime principle. Of course it is a fact that there is a humanistic aspect of restricting the work hours in order to achieve the work life balance, yet there is another dimension which we should be considering.

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In the era of data overflow, information often gets corrupted when it gets thru different channels. That can also be regarded as a side effect of overcrowding with too much information.

Though, when it comes to topics about Agile methodologies or Lean techniques, things can get messy by the tendency to dogmatise!

Dogmatisation happens often, and so we waste more time & energy on the mechanics, so we forget about the essence of all. The core, the very foundation, is about people and culture, not fancy tools or processes.

Oftentimes, it’s better to dive into the source and learn from it in a plain simple form.

Recently in February, I’ve decided to read Taiichi Ohno’s works by diving right into the source. I’ve read both of his books, re-reading carefully every part of it, allowing each section to sink in…

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