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One of the current (and let’s say trending) debates is, with the changing standards working environment, the conflict between flexible working hours including home office and pre-defined office hours that needs to be fulfilled. Even in the last week, in France there was a legislation change which prohibits employers to push employees working beyond business hours including checking e-mails.

On the other hand, among most of the global companies it was already a trend that the employers were taking actions to follow the 0-overtime principle. Of course it is a fact that there is a humanistic aspect of restricting the work hours in order to achieve the work life balance, yet there is another dimension which we should be considering.

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In the era of data overflow, information often gets corrupted when it gets thru different channels. That can also be regarded as a side effect of overcrowding with too much information.

Though, when it comes to topics about Agile methodologies or Lean techniques, things can get messy by the tendency to dogmatise!

Dogmatisation happens often, and so we waste more time & energy on the mechanics, so we forget about the essence of all. The core, the very foundation, is about people and culture, not fancy tools or processes.

Oftentimes, it’s better to dive into the source and learn from it in a plain simple form.

Recently in February, I’ve decided to read Taiichi Ohno’s works by diving right into the source. I’ve read both of his books, re-reading carefully every part of it, allowing each section to sink in…

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I’ve been evangelising sharing-is-caring style, mainly by trying to maintain such attitude towards everything in life! 

When it’s about the software world, that attitude makes the open initiatives my favourite topic.
Whenever I discover a new project, preferably open source, which is aiming for common good with inclusive & collaborative style, this urges me to try my best to contribute.

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I often try switch into Flâneur mode, and even do it in a bit more extreme levels in at a least twice a year! What makes it more extreme is picking a place I’ve never been before, and go there without making any plan.

In such travels, the only things I plan are;

  • Start & end of the journey, often as long weekend
  • Flight tickets and a place to stay

nothing else! The rest? Just figure out on the way.

Through such travels I discover things, even better, discoveries comes my way.
I regard such experiences as the power of randomness!

Here comes a discovery from one of my recent adventures…


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Simple, yet very effective set of techniques for everyday life… 

Set intentions, do ONE thing at a time! 

I love watching football, preferably league matches.
One of the things, besides many others, inspires me is the determination of all players in every condition.

Even when team-A is 10-to-1 ahead, team-B never gives up and keeps going till the last minute. And still they try to score, at least one more goal!

Surely, the rules doesn’t allow leaving the field till the end, but again none of the players slows down nor completely disconnect from the game, till the final whistle!

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It’s easy to confuse them with each other, sometimes intentionally but more often unconsciously. Though, we shall be aware of the dangers of mixing them up!

Passion pulls you into doing good things, creating value, sharing, caring… Often it brings positive feelings altogether, even though it also inspires hard work.

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Whenever I go out, my preference is places with a story, a character. Part of that, I also try to find out if the owner and employees are also the customer of that place. If it is a bakery, see if they eat what they bake, etc. Having food or drink in a place which is just yet another place, has no meaning at all!

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The random element in trial and error is not quite random, if it is carried out rationally, using error as a source of information.
If every trial provides you with information about what does not work, you start zooming in on a solution—so every attempt becomes more valuable, more like an expense than an error.
And of course you make discoveries along the way.

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