In the beginning of August, I’ve participated in a sailing adventure…
Besides being yet another great team building activity, the sailing experience itself inspired me big time! 
p.s. that was my first sailing experience.

The teamwork aspect shall be completely separate topic, this definitely requires special attention whereas it’s a very good example of learning-by-doing & working as a team.

Today, I want to focus mainly on the sailing experience, and highlight patterns which are applicable for Agile Planning…

What you notice in that map?


The starting and finishing points are clear & precise, but the route keeps changing!

In the first part, you notice less changing route, then frequent jibes was required to better make use the wind power and overcome geographical difficulties.
The route contains lots of unknowns, continuously changing conditions, complete uncertainty, …

Hitherto, the journey itself neither did nor needed to have a detailed route plan! The only precise things were the starting point & the ending point of destination. The rest? Just figure out on the way, and adapt according to the conditions of each specific time & location, but always keep your direction clear & sharp!

Another important aspect is the way you handle interim checkpoints. Whenever you reach a checkpoint, the first thing you do is to identify the current location, quickly assess the consistency of your position according to the destination, then you decide on the next actions to reach the next interim checkpoint  in sensible timeframe.
Notice that you never sketch down long long and very detailed route map! You always strive to slice it into interim checkpoints, and continuously adapt according to current conditions.

In the end, you definitely reach your destination, but more crucially every step of the journey becomes such a fulfilling experience, filled with embracing the changing conditions, and continuously progressing with full agility!

In overall, I regard that experience as very good example of Agility, Sharpness and Continuous Improvement!

It won’t help if you try to sketch down a detailed plan covering micro-details for every step of such journey! Having clear direction is more than sufficient to achieve progression and to reach your destination. You always need to leave room for continuous improvement, and embrace ever-changing challenges with agility, adaptation!

Some takeaways (practical and applicable for Agile Planning):

  • First; form a team, understand your Current Position
  • Second; work on defining clear destination, that’s the common goal achievable in a foreseeable time. That’s the Desired Position
  • Third; create a compass-flavoured roadmap, slice it into interim checkpoints. Always be ready to adapt with Agility!
    All you need is clear destination and a solid compass!
  • At every checkpoint; take snapshot of current position, assess the current conditions, then adapt your actions according to current conditions.
  • Then? Keep moving forward with confidence!

Remember to celebrate as you progress, not only in the end!

Continuous Delivery, Continuous Celebration!

Remember to serve yourself some Yogurt » 
till the new book forms itself ;-)